Des’s Holiday Hits

With Summer finally in full swing it’s time to turn my attention to the annual quest of seeking out some holiday buys to supplement (or replace) my current ‘getaway’ wardrobe. For me the essentials that are on high rotation in the heat are dresses, sandals, swimwear, bags, and a piece of jewellery never fails to elevate a look and requires minimum effort or spends.

This summers dress du jour is the linen, button-through and you’ll pretty much find one of these in most high street shops, This one is top of my list. Great in the day over a bikini, and chic enough for night with a simple pair of gold hoops  and sandals . I’m also a huge fan of t-shirt dresses for day and slip dresses for night as they’re both super easy to throw on.

Sandals take some beating in the worth-every-penny-vs-total-times-worn stakes, and I pretty much need a new pair every year.  There are a ton of options out there but I always think the simpler the better styles are much more versatile. I pretty much lived in these last summer, so could do with a replacement (they are basically curling up at the toes)!! These and these are in my virtual basket, and these and these are both serious contenders.

Now on to the big reveal! I like my swimwear minimal in design only and if like me, the thought of having to expose body parts that normally would not see the light of day, as (in my case anyway) you spend the best part of the year shrouded in head-to-toe black or denim; and you are a little self conscious of unveiling to a beach/pool full of strangers, then you will appreciate my love for swimwear of the more substantial kind – that fits, flatters, gives maximum coverage, and is a little more forgiving than the tiny triangles on a slither of string variety!  My butt rather than my boobs is my main area of discontent, so the bigger the pant the better, and the high waisted styles have the added bonus of hiding my tummy whilst creating the illusion of a waist (much needed post lunchtime cheese & wine fest)!!  Clearly I am not the only one who prefers them, as there are so many out there to choose from. There are some really chic young contemporary swimwear brands like Three Graces London and Matteau -they are more expensive than high street brands, but worth the investment for the quality and functionality, especially for those of us who are not 21 year olds with bodies that defy gravity and only require a bikini to hide our modesty rather than perform enhancement miracles! (That’s not to say that all high street versions lack the required reinforcement qualities)!! Weirdly, I’m a little more of a risk taker when it comes to colour with my swimwear – I’m really into the colour palette of muted tones like this, as it doesn’t seem a million miles away from my usual monotone existence.

Holidays are when your bag wardrobe really comes into its own – cotton canvas for the beach, baskets for shopping and crossbody for airports and evenings. Obviously their function can and will crossover slightly but you get my drift. I already own this one, and pretty much get asked where it’s from every time I use it. It’s my current overspill for laptop etc when working remotely or just to pick up a few ridiculously expensive groceries from the local organic shop! These string bags are a cheap, chic and bang on trend option (Balenciaga and Celine have both recently done versions at obscene prices!) handy to roll up and pop in your handbag so you always have something to carry any bits and bobs you might pick up throughout the day and helps you do your bit for the environment by avoiding having to purchase any nasty plastic carrier bags. I’m been lusting after a Loewe number but it sold out everywhere and to be honest it’s the kind of thing you can find on your holiday for a fraction of the price (minus the designer kudos) plus you only have to lug it one way (I bought one in France last year and used it as my carry on on the way home).  There are plenty of options to choose from pre holiday in all shapes and sizes, for those of you who are not fussed about the nostalgia of a purchase in foreign lands! This one and this one are two of my faves. I do struggle a bit with finding the perfect cross body suitable for holidays and I’m still searching for that elusive dark tan, mini satchel à la Jane Birkin et al in the 60’s but in the meantime this is a good substitute.

Jewellery can transform, update, and even on the rare occasion, rescue an outfit, and in the absence of make up (hardly wear any on home turf, definitely don’t wear any on holiday), they are the finishing touch that make me look and feel like I’ve made an effort even when I haven’t!

Have a great holiday!
Des xx