Back To School (Girls)

Boden T-bars | £35.00-£40.00

I must confess I have slightly neglected this subject altogether. Even the term ‘back to school’ feels slightly depressing somehow. But, there’s no avoiding it, and it’s coming up pretty quickly. Apologies to all those organised mamas who have already bought and labelled everything (I am not one of them!), as this post will be to too late for you. For all those ‘fly by the seat of  your pants’ ladies (that’ll be me!), this post is for you. I am focusing on the girls today, but of course will be bringing you my boys’ edit too. I not so into the gender-specifics with kids clothing (as a mama of a boy who appreciates a holiday mani and pedi and pink t-shirts I can’t be really can I??), but for school things it just  makes more sense to spit them. Of course they will be some things, particularly coats and bags that will work for both, so I will add them to both posts accordingly.
This year I have also decided to just bring you the highlights. No more separate posts dedicated just to shoes, coats, bags. Frankly, there aren’t enough that I like to justify their own posts anyway!! And by the final post I am usually losing the will to live. So instead, here are my ‘back to school favourites’ (many of which are tried and tested, term after term), all rounded up in one easy to see (and refer back to if need be) post – bags, shoes, coats, socks, pencil cases. The lot.
Oh and if you’re lucky enough to be able to wear navy shoes (well your daughter/s, not you) at your daughters’ school, let me tell you – I’m very jealous indeed. All the nicest styles seem to come in navy. These Boden ones are a case in point – affordable school style.

Sarah xx

ps: my favourite name labels are from Tiny Me. I buy these and these ones, but there are tons of designs/sizes to choose from.