Sunday Style

This week is a bit of mash-up of cosy and party. Favourites include this bag (in Jade), this dress, this jacket (so great with black jeans and heels if party dresses aren’t your thing), and this shearling hair tie. I mean.
I haven’t looked at Mulberry in a while now, but one of the models on my shoot in Lanzarote had this bag, and it was so fab! And how cute are  these alphabet keyrings? You can add them to your bag too – I’m thinking of getting an S and a C.
And this is top of my ‘Lust List’ right now. Arguably more of a summer bag, but I am patient. Plus it would make an amazing travel/carry-on bag. Obsessed. Just a little bit.

Sarah xx

ps: I really feel there’s a hole in my wardrobe for a comfy but stylish ‘tracksuit’. This hoodie and matching joggers is ticking all the boxes.

pps: have  you had  a snoop at the  CHRISTMAS SHOP yet?