Tux Time

Photographs: Georgie Clarke

Don’t worry, more festive dressing inspiration to come, I promise. But in the meantime, I have to say, I am loving a simple black tuxedo suit right now. It feels quite different for me. This Boden one (the jacket and trousers are sold separately) is perfect if you want something a little less structured and slouchy (I know – my favourite word…). I absolutely love mine. For me, when it comes to suits, you either go skinny or slouchy, never in between.
And if the whole suit feels too much of a statement, a tuxedo jacket worn with skinny jeans (personally I would go black) is always a cool look.
Shoe-wise I like a high, ‘barely there’ sandal, but a thicker heel (see Alexa’s) works really well too.
And underneath? Well, that depends on the size of your boobs and how bold/brave you are! I wore just my bra in these pics, but I’m not sure I could navigate party food, a cocktail, and keep my modesty in tact at an actual party, so would probably go for a lace trimmed camisole (I love this pretty one from H&M). I do also love a simple white tee though…

Sarah xx