Shimmer & Shine

So, the Christmas party season is well and truly upon upon us. Right here, right now! I think a bit of twinkle/sparkle/bling/shimmer is in order really… But as you can imagine, I’m not one to go full throttle, head-to toe-sequins (I’m not really a fan of head-to-toe anything to be honest. Oh, with the exception of cashmere perhaps?), Christmas or no Christmas (and I LOVE Christmas). I like to serve my sequins with a side of knit (preferably chunky in weight and neutral in colour). I’m by no means reinventing the wheel here – merely sharing my personal style preferences. Think sequinned dresses with slouchy knit cardigans slung over the top; roll-necks with sequinned skirts/trousers; or skinny cashmere knits layered under slip dresses. One of my favourite pieces I found is this dress. It’s really more of a holiday dress really, but I love the idea of wearing it with black opaques and high ankle boots. In fact, it’s really tempting me for Christmas day… This would be gorgeous with ankle boots/ballet flats and a boyfriend style cardigan over the top. Love it.
And of course, if you want to go full-on, undiluted festive spare, then you should! It’s just not the way I roll.

Sarah xx

ps: if the very idea of sequins makes you tense,  this is for you. SO cool with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. I love this!

pps: love this sequinned sweater by Quiz Curve, and this dress is fab too.

ppps: and as for this. I mean…

Sarah xx