Pyjama Party

Photos: Chris O’Donnell

Silk satin pyjamas | Yolke
Tabitha & Marlow’s pyjamas | Sleepy Doe

Once Autumn is on it’s way out, and Winter it’s definitely on it’s way in, it’s time to get the cosy pyjamas out. Out go the white, Victorian cotton nighties (although a long sleeved style is not to be overlooked as a very cosy Winter option, it has to be said), and in come the classic, mens style pyjamas. And I like my pyjamas to look like I might have borrowed them from Tom (who, incidentally does not own a pair himself, although one Christmas he did buy me a classic mens pair from Jermyn Street. Gold star!) – loose, a bit oversized, and more importantly, comfortable.
Now for me the Yolke pyjama is kind of the Holy Grail of gorgeous pyjamas. SO luxurious, and my silk striped pair just feel amazing to wear. But honestly, I am every bit as happy (and not quite so tense about spilling something on them) in my M&S or my Gap pairs (if they’re not silk satin, then it’s cotton all the way for me!). The high street are definitely onboard with this particular style of pyjama, so I have found plenty to share with you today.
These are the M&S pyjamas, which I absolutely love. They are THE softest pyjamas ever. Definitely size-up (mine are a 16 I think) for added slouch and comfort – pyjamas should never be in any way fitted in my opinion. Just don’t put yours in the tumble drier like I did!! I’m an idiot.
I also have these Gap ones, which I have already shared with you in a previous post (I noticed that are still on sale). Again, like the M&S, they are super-soft and comfy to wear. And again, I sized up. The top and bottoms are sold separately, which can be useful. I bought a large top and medium bottoms and they’re perfect (I like the top to be long).
This vintage style from J.Crew are great too, and come in various colours.
And next on my pyjama hit list? I think it has to be these gorgeous printed ones from Anthropologie.

Sarah xx