September Sunday Style

It’s September and suddenly feeling VERY Autumnal. I clung on to my sandals for as long as possible, but I’ve finally admitted defeat and got my boots out (why is it always such a painful transition to put your toes away for the Winter? It always reminds me of the annual ‘boxing up’ of George the tortoise on Blue Peter). I have to say, I do love Autumn dressing – cool cosy layering, blazers, coats, boots, slouchy knits, jeans, dresses with said slouchy knits and boots… I guess it’s more about the way you wear things, as opposed to just what you’re wearing. I also always think it’s so much easier to recycle things from past seasons, and style them in a new way – that’ll be the layering element – just more pieces in one outfit. More to play with.
This was a fun edit, as well as a fruitful one. And although I never feel the need to actually say it, of course I am not saying you need to buy something new from each of my edits. I certainly don’t. But I love finding all the best pieces to share with you, so that you have the choice of the best there is (in my opinion anyway). At all price points. As you know, I certainly don’t believe that things to be kept, treasured and worn and worn for years to come have to be exclusively designer pieces. Not at all! Many of my most loved and most worn items are so-called ‘vintage high street’! For me, it’s more about considering more carefully what I need and want to buy. If you love wearing blazers for example, then yes, it makes good sense to have more than one in your wardrobe. But do you also really need ten pairs of ankle boots? I certainly don’t (and I love an ankle boot come Winter!). I guess it’s just about stopping to think a little longer; consider the purchase a little harder. I mean, I bet I’m not the only one who’s guilty of buying something, excitedly trying it on that evening, only to discover that I already have an almost identical one already??
You’d probably be surprised at how little I actually do buy, and how small my wardrobe is (although the later is purely logistical I have to admit!). Listen, I’m not here to preach (I had being preached to!), simply to remind you that I am also not here to try and encourage you to buy and buy and buy for the sake of buying. Consider more, buy less. Love what you already have, and buy cleverly to switch things up and ‘refresh’ your wardrobe. A little re-shuffle can go a long way.

Sarah xx

ps: seeing as we were talking about boots, I have to say, these and these are both very much on my mind. I’m a boots (with everything!!) girl through and through, so I think that’s ok…

pps: love this!

ppps: I have seen this in real life, and actually tried it on If you’re looking for a purse-friendly option, it’s a fab one.