Coat Check

It’s definitely time to cough up for that big ‘Winter investment’, your coat. If I’m going to buy one thing in the Autumn, it’s pretty likely to be a coat. Consequently I already have quite a few (I almost always keep them), and I have most of the keys styles ticked off now: cocoon (one grey, one khaki, both from Vanessa Bruno, one a brilliant score from a sample sale in Paris), a navy pea (jigsaw), checked and oversized (Isabel Marant, from last Winter), fur (plain and leopard -three in total in fact -M&S, Mango, and can’t tell from the label of the third, but I know it was a cheapie…), grey oversized (Isabel Marant for H&M)… So I decided to go for this plain navy one after a quick trip to Mango in Westfield last week with Des It looks like more of a jacket in the pictures, but it’s a great length (the perfect ‘bum coverer’), so kind of between a coat and a jacket I could say. It looks great with jeans – that’s probably what I’ll be wearing it with most.
There are so many great coats out there though – definitely something for everybody in terms of style and budget. Two of my favourites are the oversized ASOS houndstooth and (of course) the Issy cocoon. There’s also a new parka-army jacket hybrid in town. And it’s colour-blocked and I rather like it! And a quick snoop on the fabulous Mango Outlet site, threw up this gem of a leopard print!! Almost the same as my Mango leopard from a couple of years ago, which I totally love.

Sarah xx

ps: now I’m not one for chatting about makeup and beauty on here (to be honest I’m not sure anyone would be interested??), but occasionally I’ll have a little ‘shop’ and buy a few things. My most recent is this tinted moisturiser from Nars (mine is ‘Finland’ if you’re interested?), which I bought after seeing Lucy Williams (Fashion Me Now) use it in a little video she did about her ‘Everyday Summer Skin’. And I have to say, it’s bloody amazing! I had always used the Laura Mercier one before (although not very often to be honest), but I find this one lighter, and the coverage (interestingly) much better. I’ve been using it most days (after my regular moisturiser). I really does even out my skin tone, but equally doesn’t really look or feel like I’m wearing anything (just the way I like it – all smoke and mirrors!!). Ok, full disclosure, I also bought the this Nars Charlotte Gainsbourg limited edition multiple tint stick in ‘Alice’, which I also love (I already have, and like, a couple of their similar blush sticks). Now this one is fab, but it does look quite an alarming colour red when you first see it. Don’t be put off by that, it’s great.

pps: Just seen that you can still get my Boden red shoes (if you happen to be a size 40) in their clearance sale (always worth a snoop by the way if you’re after something specific). Honestly, they are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, and SO comfortable.

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