Little Spree Home

By Sarah Clark

Another day, another (ever so slightly random) Home Edit…
Favourites? So hard to choose, but stand-outs include the phone (I really want an old rotary phone – the kids think it’s hilarious! Haha! I used to have one in my twenties, next to my bed in my little studio flat, a la Carrie Bradshaw), this mirror, and the striped sheets (you know I love my stripes!). But having looked at my edit again, I have realised that I actually have quite a few versions of the the pieces I have chosen! But they are all things that I get asked about a lot on Instagram, so although I may not need many (most!!) of them, I hope you find them useful/inspiring.

Sarah xx

ps: I have this tray with a little group of candles on (scented and non). It’s very sweet.

pps: I always buy my large pillar candles from M&S. They are the best quality and there best value. And they do different sizes.