Tray Love

One thing (one of many, I might add – full post coming soon, I promise! I know so many of you are waiting for it…) I learned from Rita Konig is the many uses of the humble tray (aside from transporting things that is). I was already a bit of a fan (of the tray, in situ in the kitchen), but Rita has them in most rooms in her home, including the sitting room (on the coffee table), and the kitchen (they make great ‘organisers’ for things you want/need on display), and hers just seemed to be working that bit harder. Plus, of course, they looked effortless chic in that slightly annoying ‘just casually plonked there’ kind of way, that only a great interior designer can manage.
She particularly favours the lacquered kind, so as soon as I was back from her fabulous ‘The Complete House’ workshop, I was straight online, googling ‘lacquered trays’. This John Lewis one (I went for the pink – it’s the perfect shade – Tabitha even described it as ‘Little Spree pink’!!)  was such a great find, and I immediately ordered it and installed it in our bedroom (above), where it is much loved (well by me anyway, I’m not sure Tom is even aware of its existence, but no change there…). I have concluded that trays are THE way forward if, like me (and Rita – I think she would be ok with me saying this…) you are a lover of ‘organised clutter’. They just keep that clutter a little more contained.

Sarah xx

ps: a great place for this kind of lacquered tray is The White Company. I really like this set (see the double action for the drinks area, above – so chic) as well as this, smaller set (not just for a dressing table, but would work equally well in the kitchen or bathroom).

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