Garden Chic | Small Is Beautiful

Your reaction to my Instagram picture of our tiny courtyard garden (I will share more pics once everything is in full bloom – it really isn’t looking its best) has inspired me to do a little garden post, which in tern, I hope you will find inspiring. But specifically about the littlest gardens, ones crammed with plants and flowers (just the way I like them!). Don’t think of your tiny garden as not worth bothering with just because you don’t have an acre of grass to mow (we don’t have any grass at the back – it’s all paved. We do have a tiny lawn in the front though, about the size of a postage stamp). When I first viewed our house, five years ago, there was literally nothing out there – just a high fence and a wall with a flower bed. It’s was distinctly underwhelming and pretty depressing actually. I planted everything from scratch. My goal? To cover ever square inch of wall and fence, and to cram as many pots in as humanely possible. Then came the table and chairs (the original ones were from Ikea and were fab actually, then I recently upgraded to a larger, round table and four chairs from The White Company), added the little hanging lanterns, the festoon lights (these glass ones from Etsy are by far the best I’ve found – the same as the ones in Petersham Nurseries) and the sheepskins on the chairs (good old Ikea again – I have them all over the house – on sofas, chairs, benches, the kids’ beds…). Ok, so it might not be a spacious play area for the kids (but with a beautiful copse and Richmond Park both minutes from our house I don’t think they’re too deprived), but it’s a cosy outside space where they can do alfresco crafting and drawing activities at the table and eat, and Tom and I can have cosy candlelit suppers for two or with friends (only two friends a time mind!). And we love it just the way it is.
I couldn’t help noticing that good old La Redoute has one of their famous 40% off everything Bank Holiday Proms at the moment (God, they are literally impossible to resist!! I’ve already ordered this dress in white), and they have some great garden furniture and accessories. I’ve gathered together my favourites for you. And the prices were pretty good before you deduct the 40%!
I’ve also shared all the things I have from The White Company, so you can easily shop my ‘garden edit’.

Sarah xx

ps: don’t worry about your little garden being all neat and perfect. I love that ours is a bit wild and higgledy piggledy. What I love about it is the fact that it isn’t perfect.