Boots Boots Boots!

Along with your coat, boots are the second key autumn investment that will score fairly high in the ‘pound per wear’ stakes, (which is probably why you might find you need to buy a new pair each year. Unless of course you have several on the go at a time and manage to preserve them for a second or even third innings).

The Little Black Boot

There are several boot styles out there ticking many different requirement boxes so I have edited them according to trends to make things a little easier for you.  First up is the ‘LBB’ (Little Black Boot), the obvious choice, but why change a habit of a lifetime? There is a reason we all love them; probably own a pair or two; and will continue to purchase them every year forever more!  This Zara pair are already bought and paid for and are currently sitting, waiting to make their first outing with a suitably stylish outfit! I am trying to live by my new considered purchases rule, whereby I can only buy something if I do not own anything similar (yes, I know I failed miserably with the Raey Jeans purchase from my previous post but at least my intentions are good). Therefore, as I do not already own a flat black suede boot (hard to believe, but true) these were allowed! I’ve tried them with several of my jeans and they work, and even elevate a few pairs to chic enough to be ‘out, out’ outfits, so win, win!

The Heeled Boot

And for those of you who favour a little more height in your boot, I love this Iris & Ink pair, great with dresses as well as jeans or even dresses worn over jeans.

The Sock Boot

If you are in the market for a more fashion forward, on trend style, let me introduce you to the ‘sock boot’. This shape has been gathering pace for a season or two thanks to the fashion editors current fave designer, Demna Gvasalia the man behind the vision of both Vetements and Balenciaga. I know this style isn’t for everyone but bear with me whilst I try to give you a quick masterclass in the pros of the Sock boot… The slim pointy silhouette elongates the leg; they are mostly kitten heels so great on the comfort factor, and the hugging effect of the sock also slims the ankle.  They look great with wide and straight jeans (both preferably cropped) teamed with a polo neck and blazer and mid-length dresses too.

The High Flyers

I think you either are or you’re not a knee high boot kinda girl. Personally, I steer more towards not (proof being that I only own one pair, (Laurence Dacade, four years old in case you’re wondering?), similar pair below, (mine are black leather), but that is not to say I don’t appreciate their great qualities.  There are one or two requirements that would warrant me even looking at a pair of knee high/over the knee boots and that is they must either be flat, have low or high block heel (no stilettos allowed I’m afraid – they are way too hooker-ish!).  My style rules for the knee high is NEVER to be worn with a skinny jean tucked in (very passé). Instead, pop them under mid-length dresses, A-line below the knee skirts (the block heel only, very 70’s) and they also actually work well under wide leg cropped jeans (very insulating in the winter months!).

Red Alert

I know I keep banging on about red, but just to hammer home how big it is this season, I have dedicated a whole section to the red boot! Think of red boots as lipstick for the feet -you know, that ‘pop it on and it can transform your face’ feeling? Well the red boot is the equivalent for an outfit (especially if you are someone who wears black, black and a bit more black). Both the high street and luxury end of the spectrum have fully embraced this hot hue so there are options galore for every budget. If this is a first time venture I would say opt for high street and a low heel to reduce any spend and comfort risk factors.

The Weekenders

There comes a time in everyone’s week when their footwear needs to work that bit harder; is subject to a little rough and tumble; and frankly has to tread a path where no heeled variety would dare to go! Unless you are working on a farm or trudging through a forest (the only time when it is appropriate to don wellies) your off-duty boots should still be purchased for their style as well as substance value.  I would be happy to be seen in any of these…

The ‘Just Because’ Boots…

Finally, I’ve put together a little selection of fab pairs that deserve a mention because they are either too good not to; tick a box that I haven’t covered; or might inspire you to try something a little different.

Des x