Girls Tights


Girls’ tights. Another very popular post request. As we all know, it’s not the tights that are hard to find, it’s the colours of the tights. It’s not so easy to find the right colours at affordable prices. But I have cast my net wide, and these are my findings…

La Redoute have done some really good ones – they sell some in packs of two or three. These ones are great, and I like these ones and these ones, and the camel in this set (the odds of me liking every pair in any kind of ‘pack’ or ‘set’ are pretty slim, so I just take the unwanted pair/pairs to my local charity shop – don’t cut your nose off to spite your face, you’ll still be quids in – it’s a win-win). These are for babies aged 1 month-3 years (just ditch the cream pair!) and I love this saffron pair. Plus they currently have 40% off! Whoop!
Thank you Kelly for this F&F tip-off too (love these colours!). I then went on to find these (you know you need to ditch the floral pair right?).
And if you do want to spurge on some tights (sometimes I might just buy buy one or two more expensive pairs for Tabs (in colours that are harder to come by on the high street – don’t waste your money on navy or grey…), I love Papouelli and La Coquetta.

Sarah xx

ps: in other news, I just ordered these for the kids’ bedrooms (they are having their own bedrooms at the end of the year – more of this to come…). They arrived today, and they’re so lovely (and look SO real) and have pretty lights already on them. I know, I know, it’s WAY too early, but believe me The White Company Christmas decorations always sell out so fast, and I wasn’t prepared to take the chance (I am not one of life’s natural risk takers!!).

pps: coming soon – my baby/toddler boy edit (another often requested post of late).