My M&S Must-Haves

Photographs by Georgie Clarke

Boots | M&S
Dress | M&S

I am always, always in M&S. Fact. Some of you know this first-hand, as you’ve seen me in the store in Kew and come over and said hi! I do love an online purchase, but I also love a good old mooch around a store once in a while. In fact, I will often order things on the M&S website and have them delivered to one of my local stores; then have a good old nosey around when I’m collecting/returning. So when I was asked by M&S to chose my favourite piece (and style it up my way) from a curated capsule collection of ‘Must Haves’, it was a total no-brainer, and just another excuse for me to head into the store!
I always, always go in to the store when I’m collaborating with a brand – for me it’s the only way to get a ‘real’ take on the pieces I’m sharing as my favourites. As a Fashion Editor/Stylist I know every trick in the book when it comes to making things look their absolute best on shoots and in pictures, so when it comes to actually choosing/buying things, I need to see exactly what I’m getting. Smoke and mirrors are all well and good to hook you in (that’s fine – I think of the pics for brands as like the trailer for a film), but before I’m actually wearing something, I need to know exactly what I’m getting.
I imediately chose these knee-high boots as my ‘must have’, and was not disappointed when I saw them in reality. A knee-high, block heeled boot has been on my Winter Wish List for some time now, and these are great, and at a great price (remember, they’re super-soft leather and knee-high…). I will be wearing mine mostly with romantic midi-dresses/chic skirts (it remains to be seen as to whether I can actually pull off a ‘chic skirt’? It may just be the dresses!). I then tired on A TON of things to wear with my new boots. Countless dresses, trench coats, cardigans, jeans, skirts… Nothing was quite what I was looking for. Then I spotted this dress in the Autograph section of the store (honestly, I would never have given it a second look online…) and tried it on (I even had my boots with me! So organised!), and fell for it straight away. I sized (WAY) up for this one (there’s actually a story behind this, but I won’t get into that now), as (as always for dresses) I wanted the oversized look/feel). It feels so gorgeous to wear, and it’s just the perfect ‘chuck on when you want to look ‘done’, but not ‘too done’ dress. It really reminds me of an old Marni print silk top I had in my twenties (hang on, I can’t believe I was actually buying Marni in my twenties!!??).
So naturally, I found loads of other great things along the way (personally, I feel M&S’s Autumn/Winter collection is really strong. So I also got this jumper in grey, which I’m actually wearing right now (it will give you the perfect amount of ‘tuck’ – it’s FAB); these jeans in black (super-flattering – they’re not lying about the ‘sculpt and lift’!); this cardigan in grey; and these boots (yes another pair of boots – go M&S!), which I am totally in love with. Tabitha Simmons eat your heart out. And don’t be put off by the very unsexy ‘extra-wide fit’ element – just size down and get over it. I wore mine today (with jeans) and they are super-cool. Love the velvet laces (and like kids’ boots, they have a cunning little ankle zip, so you don’t even have to un-lace them. Genius). I’ve included all my current favourites below.

Sarah xx

This post was created in collaboration with M&S

Photos by Georgie Clarke