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This post starts with a little (true) story. I get my hair coloured at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda. It’s a short trot from Oxford Circus tube station, and I usually pass the big Miss Selfridge store en route. Now the last few times I’ve been (ok, so I may also go there for the occasional blow-dry…) I have noticed a particular pair of boots (black, cone heel, suede ankle boots to be precise) in the window that caught my eye. But I just thought, no, they’re Miss Selfridge – how nice are they really going to be… The last time I saw them, I thought about popping in and trying them on (or at least, getting a closer look at them), but then I reminded myself of my age, and how ancient I feel when I go into Topshop, so Miss Selfrdige will only be worse, and thought better of it. Plus I’m always hurrying back home to work, or to pick up the kids from school. But somehow I couldn’t quite get these boots out of my head. So when I got home I looked on the Miss Selfridge website, found the boots, and promptly ordered a pair (for £39.00 I thought it worth a punt?) Then I went to Rome on a shoot, and forgot all about them, until I got a text on Friday, telling me that they were at my local Hermes pick-up, waiting for me. I didn’t rush to collect them I must confess – after all, we’re talking Miss Selfridge here, not Saint Laurent. But I finally got around to collecting them yesterday, and (finally!!) trying them on last night, and let me tell you, they are GOOD!!!!! I wore than to work today, and everyone just assumed they were Isabel! Ha! So there you have it. Oh, and I wore them all day and my feet didn’t hurt one bit. The heel is high-ish, but definitely manageable for trotting around all day (in my opinion anyway). I wore mine with faded black slim jeans and my khaki shacket. Perfect.
So, for the purpose of this post I have done a WIDE search to bring you my favourite boots for all budgets (interestingly, my favourites are not necessarily the most expensive either…). There are so many great boots out there!! I’m definitely feeling boots more this Winter than any other before. I’m aware that almost all of the ones I’ve selected are black, but I’m afraid that’s just how it panned out – they were simply my favourites, and I wasn’t about to just chuck in a random coloured boot for the sake of it. That is not how I roll. Of course, I have chosen my favourite white boots, as that is definitely the colour of the moment for boots. I also feel that most of these boots are pretty versatile (think maxi/midi dresses with the knee-lengths, chelseas and flat and chunkies; then pretty much anything with the ankle boots with heels (I will mostly be wearing mine with cropped jeans).

Sarah xx

ps: want to know which pairs I’m lusting after? It’s these and these (great with a cropped jean).

pps: want to know which pairs I already own? These, these, these (they’re waiting for ‘their moment’), these, and  these just arrived today. They’re SO Issy!!! And you already know I’ve got these

Cone Heel





Sexy Pointed




Block Heels


Just random ones I also like…