Tween Girls

Tween girls? Hmmm, tricky. And a tricky road to navigate, sartorially speaking. I think most fellow mamas will probably agree with me that we don’t want our daughters (Tabitha’s nine, so we’re not quite there yet, thankfully!) to look like ‘mini adults’. And anything remotely ‘sexy’ is a complete no-go! Urgh. But equally, it’s important to let our girls make decisions about their image (within reason) and how they want to dress (I still buy all of Tabitha’s clothes, but she decides what she wears, when, and how. And so far so good!).
So with this in mind, I have done a (big!!) sweep of the high street (and a bit beyond…) for my favourite pieces that (mostly) go up to ages 12 and 13. I have to say, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of great things I found. I was not expecting to find as much choice as I did. But these are things that found! I guess the real test is whether I’ve found things that you and your daughter/s both like? Mamas of tween girls, let me know!

Sarah xx

ps: a ‘Tween Boys’ post is on its way…