What’s New At M&S?

There’s no doubt that M&S are on a  bit of a roll at the moment. Choose wisely and carefully (i.e. be selective!!), and you can stylishly shop for you, your kids and your home, all under one roof. I certainly do. And not because I am working with them (as most of the time I am not), and I’m still shopping there!
Oh, and the food hall obviously! But that goes without saying. Incidentally, anyone got any inside info on where my favourite beetroot and mint dip has gone?? It was my absolute favourite Summer dip. Anyway (as usual) I digress…
So no huge surprise that M&S have done some great pieces – you’ve probably already seen most of them all over Instagram (you’ve got to be pretty quick these to get something that doesn’t become an ‘Instagram favourite’ (sorry, but this term always puts a dampener on something for me to be honest…). But the biggest surprise for me has, without doubt, been the fact that all my favourite pieces are from the Per Una collection!! Yes really. I had always actively avoided Per Una (sorry, just being honest…), like avoiding someone at a party that you never want to get trapped in a corner with. When I thought of Per Una  certain things would come to mind – handkerchief hems (pre their more recent renaissance); pointless ‘tendrils’ hanging off anything and everything, from cardigan cuffs to hems of asymmetric ‘boho’ skirts, to, well anything! Embroidery, sequins, lace, crochet, devouré velvet/velour… But all rounded up in one place – generally on the same piece of clothing. Hmm. Anyway, forget all that! Per Una has had a complete fashion ‘re-boot’, and has gone all Isabel on us! Frilled sleeved, earthy tones, cool embroidery, slouchy silhouettes – it’s all there. And it’s never looked so good! If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself here.

Sarah xx

ps: seriously, any leads on the beetroot drip gratefully received.




*This post was created in collaboration with M&S*