Autumn Dressing

Embroidered Cotton Dress (4-12 years) | Mango

So I’m in the process of compiling my Winter Coats posts for boys and girls (coming soon!), and what do I find and have to post immediately?? A gorgeous dress!? This gorgeous dress to be precise. I wasn’t looking for dresses!! Well, suddenly Tabitha’s post-holiday wardrobe seems to be crammed full of pretty, whimsical summery things, i.e. a whole lot of nothing to wear now that Autumn is well and truly here. Yes, I’m all for layering a long sleeved tee or knit (Smalls are always, always our go-to ‘layer’ in this house), but I’m also longing to get her into all those delicious Autumnal tones and shades, with knitted tights, chunky knits, and ankle boots (more about girls’ boots soon – I’ve got some leads on a couple of fab high street pairs that I’ll be sharing…). This dress is definitely the start of Tabs’ Winter wardrobe, and I for one am pretty happy about that (I am one of those people who loves Autumn and Winter. Fact).

Sarah xx