Boy Stripes

  1. Striped Jumper | Mango
  2. Hareem Tousers | Moumout 
  3. Time Teller Watch | Nixon
    Hi-Top Trainers | Next

A stripe, a harem pant (these are super-soft joggers or ‘sloungies’ are we call them in our house) and a hi-top trainer (I’m obsessed with these Next ones – check out the khaki and grey too – sadly Marlow’s high instep (or his ‘dancer’s arch as I like to call it – inherited from his mama!) meant he couldn’t get into them, and it was not for the want of trying on my part!!) is pretty much my perfect, go-to outfit for boys. Simple. Cool. Easy.

Sarah xx

ps: if you haven’t bought your winter coat yet, hold off until you’ve read my Coats post – so many great ones on the high street this season. I bought mine (unexpectedly) today, and will of course be sharing it, along with all my other favourites. Des and I had a quick look at some in Westfield this morning actually – always nice to check them out in person. We were not disappointed!

pps: also coming soon (as SO many of you have asked!!): a post dedicated to all things denim. Watch this space…