Denim Days


SO many of you have asked me to write a post on jeans, specifically the ones I wear and like. So here goes. To make things easier for you, it’s worth bearing in mind that I am 5’5″ and a size 12, although my weight can (and does) fluctuate, depending on various things, but mostly due to the amount of visits on any given week to: Petersham Nurseries, Pizzeria Rustica (our favourite local pizza place in Richmond), or Greggs (Nationwide). There, I’ve said it, I am partial to the occasional (ahem…) trip to Gregg’s. Don’t despair of me. Pity me.
I am curvy, with boobs, hips and a small waist (thank God!!). This is just to help in terms of what style of jeans I wear and how they may (or may not) translate to you and your body shape.
Anyway, back to jeans. We live in them, we love them. Whenever I post a pic on Instagram or Instagram Stories that features jeans (even just the tiniest suggestion of a jean…), I get so many DMs about them. So the ones I am wearing on rotation at the moment are…

My Next mid blue, high waisted, straight leg pair with the raggedy, frayed hems. I know quite a few of you bought them back in the Summer (sadly they are no longer available – sorry). I have to say, I was certainly not expecting to find a great pair of jeans in Next (not that I have anything against Next particularly, and in fact I buy quite a bit in there for Tabarlow, plus the odd thing for me, but never jeans I have to say), so for me that almost makes me like them more (the thrill of the unexpected). I am always on the lookout for a similar pair to share with you, but have yet to find them. These are about as close as I can find for now. I also live in hope that Next might do a similar (or the same) pair again? Next – if you’re listening??

Next up, my J.Brand ‘Selena’ bootcut cropped jeans. I have the black ones with the unfinished, frayed hem (luckily they were the perfect length for me, without me needing to chop them, as I often do), but they come in lots of variations. NET-A-PORTER  has quite a large selection. I LOVE the leather version too (dream on Sarah!!), and these ones. So I do love a cropped jean, and if it also has a little kick-flare or boot-cut, all the better as far as I’m concerned. They look great with ballet flats, flat sandals, trainers and most kinds of heels. The J.Brands are pricey for sure, but I bought mine over a year ago now, and have worn them SO much. They’re not my ‘every day’ jeans – I try to keep them for meetings, going out etc,when I want a slightly more ‘special jean’, but they are super-comfy and really flattering. Worth the investment? Definitely.

My Mango straight ‘Alice’ jeans in black. These are great for everyday. Slim, but not too skinny (I like that they don’t ‘hug’ your calves) – slim though the thigh, straight through the calf. I like to give mine a tiny turn-up, but if I don’t they’re still the perfect length for me. I have to say, I like a Mango jean.

Now onto Gap. Now I know a lot of people say they can never find a pair of jeans that they like and/or fit them well in Gap, but I have long been a fan of Gap for cool, affordable jeans (and because they are cheaper, I am much less precious about looping off the hems, DIY style…). You just have to invest the time – your perfect Gap jeans are probably not going to just jump into your lap (well they might do now with my help?). The ones I am liking (and wearing at the moment) are: the ‘Crop Flare High Rise’ – these are pretty similar to the J.Brand ‘Selena’ actually, so a great high street alternative. I have got the black with the distressed hem (above) as well as the vintage blue wash. I also like that they are not low waisted – they keep everything nicely tucked in where it should be (plus warmer in the Winter months – no drafty muffin top…). My tip is to get the smallest size you can squeeze into, because they really do give a bit. I also like the ‘True Skinny’ (available in various washes) from Gap, and these are the ones I lop the bottoms off. I must admit, I haven’t been wearing mine much lately though, as they are feeling a little bit snug (please refer back to paragraph one of this post for why…). I also love these (they are pretty similar to my Mango pair, so didd’t feel the need to purchase). Their ‘Best Girlfriend’ are great too. You do need to try A LOT on though in Gap I think. I literally went into the flagship Bond Street store last week with armfuls of pairs (in various sizes – I can be anything from a 28″ waist to a 32″, depending on the cut and style. Hopefully my pain is you gain! Oh and they have the amazing customising service in some of the London stores. You literally hand over your jeans once you’ve paid for them, stating what kind of ‘finish’ you would like (and lots to chose from), and they can sometimes do them then and there (while you pop out for a cup of tea). I have done this in the past and it’s fab. Oh, and free!

And last but not least, good old Topshop jeans. Now I must admit, I don’t buy their jeans as much as I once did (and at one time, their Baxter jeans were the only jeans I bought and wore – I had them in every colour and wash), but if you don’t have a muffin top, I do still love them (apparently also loved by Emmanuelle Alt). And the Dree (muffin top, optional) styles are great too.

So there you have it. An honest account of jeans that a own, wear and love. And below I have put together an edit combining mine, as well as ones I have my eye on, or think you might like… Happy shopping! Let me know how you get on! And if you have a particular brand/style of jean that you’re loving at the moment, do share!

Sarah xx

ps: The Outnet is always worth a look for designer jeans at a fraction of the cost.

ps: I’ve also been wanting a denim shirt for a while now, but haven’t quite found ‘The One’. This one is in my ‘cyber basket. Could it be ‘it’?