Grecian Goddess

  1. Mango gown | £99.99
  2. Marte Frisnes earrings | £137.00
  3. Hedgehog small basket | £15.00
  4. Ancient Greek sandals | £115.00 

There are a quite a few things I love about this dress. Firstly, it’s high street (yes, it’s expensive for a high street dress, but more on that later…); secondly it’s exactly the kind of dress I want to right now in this sweltering heat (Marlow informed me yesterday that it was hotter than Phuket in London yesterday! He loves to catch the weather on the news in the morning!!) – bare shoulders (but still possible to wear a bra) and long a floaty = cool (minimal exposure of flesh, yet still sexy); thirdly it looks way more expensive than it is (yes, even for ‘expensive high street’); fourthly (is that even a word?) it’s so chic and timless. This is a dress you will be digging out time after time); and last but not least, it’s the perfect ‘go anywhere’ dress, i.e. would work just as well for a black tie wedding (in fact I included it in my ‘Be The Best Dressed (Wedding) Guest’) post as it would wafting around on holiday (that’s what I want it for!!). And the best news is, Mango currently has a 30% discount code (VIP17). Yes!! You might want to have a quick look at the other Mango pieces I’ve featured recently too before you start shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: this Hedgehog basket (above) is one of my all-time favourites. Well officially it is Tabitha’s actually, but I pinch it and and use it all Summer long…

pps: this is another gorgeous Grecian inspired dress that I’ve got my eye on.

ppps: I know I said I’m not one for colour on Instagram today, but I think this is a shade of red that I can get onboard with…

pppps: if statement earrings aren’t your thing, try ‘a stack’ instead. Never both at the same time though.