Jumpsuit Joy

Jumpsuit | Mango

Mango have done it again. They just keep producing the goods! I honestly feel like I buy more Mango these days than any other high street brand, even Zara!
Now you all know how much I love a jumpsuit (last night I had a work dinner and I just couldn’t decide what to wear – after covering the bed with  half the contents of my wardrobe, I dug out an ancient Issy black jumpsuit that I love, added a pair of (even more ancient!!) Sergio Rossi high heeled sandals that I found in the attic last week, a long blazer, and I was good to go. I felt dressed up, but not too ‘dressy’ if you know what I mean. Dresses were always my ‘go to’ for going out, but for a while now it’s been a jumpsuit. Anyway, couldn’t not sure this one, as it ticks all my jumpsuit boxes: not too fitted/structured, cotton, long sleeves that you can roll up, and trousers you can cuff (this for me, is key with this style of jumpsuit, particularly when you’re wearing it with heels, as I often do). The only problem? I’m trying SO HARD not to spend!!!

Sarah xx

ps: I also like a jumpsuit at home for chillaxing. This is a great, affordable  one.

pps: as many of you will know, I often wear more of a onesie-style jumpsuit for flying in. It’s sleeveless, which I like because I can layer different kinds of tops under it, depending on the climate (cashmere jumpers, cotton peasant blouses, t-shirts etc. etc.). Mine is old from Urban Outfitters, but this ASOS one is great, and not dissimilar actually. I love it. It’s made from the same cotton jersey, and has the same drop crotch as mine (my jumpsuit that is, not my crotch!!), which admittedly may not be the most flattering thing you could put on, but boy is it comfy when you’re on a plane for 11 plus hours…

ppps: in other news, has anyone else tried their River Island Casey jeans yet? I know a lot of you have bought them. I ordered them, in various different sizes and lengths, and have settled on the regular length. They are just great!! I assumed I would need a ‘short’ for them to be cropped on me, but the short were actually too short (hurrah!), so I sent them back and ordered the ‘regular’. They are a great fit, with a super-flattering, high-ish waist. I cannot take the credit for finding these beauties though, it was all Kate, aka wearsmymoney. She tipped me off. So thank you Kate! I think you’ll be thanking her too..