Lady In Red (Who Never Wears Red)

photos: Georgie Clarke

Red is never a colour I gravitate towards. Just too bright and too ‘look at me’ for my liking. Ridiculous I know. But this is just me I’m talking about – this is not what I’m thinking when I see someone wearing red. Far from it.
Then suddenly, thanks to Preen (they could turn my head about pretty much anything really…) I’m running around London (I wore it last week too, with tan flat sandals) in a red striped dress with a pansy print over the top… Go figure.
So now I’ve fully (I think) embraced the red dress, I’ve gone on the hunt for more. And found loads I love!!

Sarah xx

ps: for more Preen dresses (for all budgets, you might want to check out this post if you haven’t already…

pps: the sandals I’m wearing are old Isabel Marant, but ASOS always do some pretty good dupes…

ppps: In other (completely unrelated news) I just bought this cushion for one of our sofas today. It’s such a perfect shade of pink, and linen. It looks fab next to my favourite leopard print ones. Just wanted to share that!