Winter Coats For Girls

Leopard Print Coat | Mango

Ok, so there’s no doubting it’s full-on Autumn now. There’s that little chill in the air in the mornings and evenings (which incidentally, I love), and you’re really pushing your luck wearing sandals (although I don’t give mine up easily…). I feel like overnight, the kids have traded their Summer dresses, shorts, tees and sandals for knits, sweatshirts, jeans and boots. Boo… They are still wearing their raincoats, but not for long I fear. So here are my favourite Winter coats for girls.

Sarah xx

ps: this Zara coat is definitely worth a mention. We saw it when were in the Westfield store on Friday (Tabitha was DESPERATE for a pair of trainers) and bought it (in green) for her school coat. I have since ordered one online for Marlow too (which Tabs was annoyed about). It’s waterproof and the lining is the softest fur (fake, obviously) you’ve ever felt (it feels like our cat, Duchess!!).

pps: I’ve been meaning to share this for weeks and keep forgetting (not helpful I know). I realise that you will all have already done your name labelling for school, but it’s still useful to know about because it’s SO great! I have shared it before (at least once), but for anyone who doesn’t already know Stamptastic, it’s the quickest, easiest way of labelling your kids uniform ever!! I haven’t looked back since I order mine!

ppps: bought these for Tabs last week (she’s suddenly obsessed with trainers or ‘Van’s’ as she calls these. They look super-cute with dresses and knitted tights.