Coat Season

So far autumn has been a pretty mild affair so far, hence the delayed coats edit post, but with the nights drawing in, and the clocks just changing, it feels like the right time to show you what’s out there. I used to buy my coat (if in the market for a new one,this does not have to be an every year purchase) quite early on in the season around September time, but it has meant that for fear of missing out I have occasional peaked too soon and purchased what I thought was my dream coat only to stumble across another that I loved even more (usually of the more expensive, budget busting variety, so I would reconcile with the thought that at least I had saved myself some dollar…every cloud!) Anyway, my point is, good things (can) come to those who wait!

Masculine and Unstructured

It will come as no surprise that I prefer both masculine and unstructured styles in coats so I’ve lumped them together in one section. I’m quite tall so I find that these are the styles that work best on me, they tend to be cut longer and roomier (I’m not a fan of anything too fitted). I’ve tried and love this one , and Sarah is lusting after this one.
I love the ease of the unstructured styles and the lack of rigid shape (particularly around the shoulders) means that exact fit isn’t an issue. Relaxed yet still super chic, this style has a real luxe feel about it. Sarah has this one, and says it’s so cosy it’s like wearing a dressing gown!!  But to be honest, there are SO many good ones out there that this section may appear to have not been edited at all!


A great option if you want a more pulled together  (excuse the pun) look is a belted coat, I personally find them a little restrictive and almost always never belt any coats that I have that have them. They are also great for creating a waist even if (like me) you don’t really have one!


I’ve included the leopard because as you know Sarah is a huge fan and has worn them for years which,  1) classes them as a classic and 2 ) means they are super chic!  I unfortunately look more Huggy Bear (and not in a good way, if you’re old enough,  you’ll know what I mean) than Jane Birkin, in leopard, but I can and do appreciate their fabulousness! Also, the fact that there are so many out there validates them being classified as a classic.


Trench coats are having a very big moment out there in fashion land and have definitely been reinstated as a wardrobe staple/must have and classic.  Today’s trench should be worn slightly oversized rather than slender to the body.  I am currently lusting after this Joseph number (I recently styled it for a photo shoot and in my opinion it is perfection!). Now, I know a trench is not the warmest of cover ups but I layer mine with an ultra light puffa jacket from Uniqlo for extra insulation and it’s not super puffy so I don’t look like the Michelin man!

Warm & Fuzzy

I know they are not for everyone but you cannot move for all the cosy coats out there in the shops so I thought it was essential to include them  They need no explanation other than that they are like wearing a great big hug all day, what’s not to love!


I’ve included a little practical section of parkas and anoraks, mainly because I love this Ganni (not very me I know but there is something about it) and it didn’t seem right to put an anorak in the leopard section.

Des xx