Dear Santa…

  1. Pretty City | Amazon
  2. Bracelet | Isabel Marant
  3. Perry Ellis 360 Degrees | Amazon
  4. Mary Janes | Tabitha Simmons
  5. Teapot | Arket
  6. Candle | Diptique
  7. Becoming | Amazon
  8. Hairclip | Lelet NY
  9. Heels | Sophia Webster
  10. Necklace | Missoma 
  11. Wall Art | Anthropologie
  12. Toiletry bag | Louis Louise
  13. Print | Tracey Emin
    14. Bag | Saint Laurent

So many things, so little time. I may only get one or two of these things, but it was so much fun compiling it. And after all, it is a Christmas wish list. right?

Sarah xx

  1. Because I LOVE London, and I love this Instagram account. I want to linger a little longer over all the beautiful images.

2. Because I had this bracelet and loved it so much, then I lost it…

3. Because I have been wearing this perfume since I was 21. And it’s still my ‘signature’ scent – I love that it smells ‘clean’ and powdery. Strangers ask me all the time what perfume I’m wearing!! Particularly taxi drivers…

4. Because I love a chic, statement flat. And leopard. Obviously.

5. Because a teapot is top of my Christmas list this year. I do love my tea! Make mine a ‘builder’s’, milk, no sugar please.

6. Because this a whole other level of Diptique. And this is my favourite Winter scent. It actually smells cosy!

7. Because although it’s an obvious one, I still can’t wait to read this.

8. Because I love bows, I love velvet, and I’m loving a hair accessory right now.

9. Because these are the perfect combination of sexy, festive and cool. Which makes them the perfect party shoe.

10. Because, although very late to this particular party, I recently bought one of these necklaces, and now I want another similar one (this one!) to layer.

11. Because I just LOVE this, and it would look so perfect in my sitting room.

12. Because I love a pretty toiletry bag, as I’m always travelling for work, so I’m always packing and unpacking one. Plus, I like to look at something pretty in my hotel bathroom.

13. Because I have an unofficial ‘copy’ of this, framed in my bedroom, but I would love an actual print. I’ve always loved Tracey Emin’s illustrations.

14. Because this is the dreamiest of dream bags. But until this particular wish comes true, I will make do with my Mango version…

ps: Santa, if you’re still reading? Could I also add these please?Monogrammed pyjamas from Lunn Antiques, a tea cosy for my new teapot, a tin of these, and a subscription to Architectural Digest and Paris Vogue.  Thanks! xx