Dreaming of Autumn (In Summer)

Boden cashmere sweater | £98.00-£130.00

This post is brought to you from high in the mountains of Northern Tuscany. As I enter my third week of holiday (I know, I know…), my mind has started wandering to non-holiday related things, mainly clothes and what I (in an ideal world) would like to buy for the Autumn. It’s also been (and still is) chucking it down all day (thought you might like to hear that – there’s only so much Instagram holiday spam one can take right?), so I’ve been inside for most of it, and have opened my laptop for the longest time so far. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things (some high street, some not).
You might be surprised by the inclusion of the multi coloured sweater from Boden (above). In some ways I am too! But I have seen it in the flesh and love it!! Oh and it’s cashmere. So great with jeans and trainers or flats. I will be sizing up to avoid that mumsy ‘neat’ fit for something a little more slouchy. It’s really nice!! Other favourites include the & Other Stories navy long line blazer and (surprise surprise) these (gorgeous) Issy sandals (of COURSE I need another pair of ankle tie heels!! And these ones have a slightly sturdier, cone heel for less wobble). Oh and again, another bright (so not sure I’m brave enough for a red dress, but I am seriously tempted!!), but this Preen Line dress is just gorgeous! I think it’s because it’s not trying to be sexy – to me, a sexy red dress just seems so clichéd and cheesy somehow. This is a cool., feminine red dress. Big difference.
Ok, off to watch episode 2 of Top of the Lake (series one) – we’ve got the box set with us (an actual box set – we’ve gone old school on holiday!!). See you back in Blighty next week.

Sarah xx

ps: I haven’t forgotten about my ‘sports’ post I promised on Instagram. Will finish it once I’m back. Promise!