Holiday Wardrobe (Late) Additions

Mango Ruffled Blouse | £39.99

I know that the (school) Summer holidays are coming to an end soon (so far I have chosen to ignore any ‘back to school’ references), but I also know that quite a few of you haven’t been away yet. After a (very welcome and much needed) break from online (and literal) browsing, I am back at it again, and have found a few great additions for the Holiday Shop (which have been duly added). Quite a few of which are new season or will be perfect to carry through to Autumn anyway. This ruffled blouse (above) is one of my favourites (I’m sure you can see why – it’s so gorgeous…). So if you’re lucky enough to still have a holiday to escape to, or you just fancy a snoop, the Holiday Shop is the place to head to ladies. There’s a little taster below…

Sarah xx