Style Crush: Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks

Oh how I loved this film. Cool, downtown New York locations, beautifully shot, the soundrack… And I was totally IN LOVE with Mickey Rourke (I mean, seriously, how gorgeous was he? A little twisted yes, but gorgeous. And remember how neat and organised his wardrobe was?? I can only dream of living with a man with OCD!!). And it was definitely a bit of an eye-opener as a thirteen year old viewer (I lived in Paris at the time, and you only have to be thirteen to see an 18 film, although I did lie to my parents about seeing it. Obviously). But it was Kim Basinger and her understated sense of style that has stood the test of time (well, it was never going to be poor Micky’s face was it?). In fact, it has so many of my favourite ingredients – unstructured, slouchy, oversized (well it was the Eighties after all) pieces, neutral colours, chunky knits, mannish trousers and sweaters, greta sweatshirts… If you ask me, it was all very Isabel Marant,  thirty years too early. And how beautiful was she in this film? So ‘vintage Kim’ is my current style crush.
And I’m going to watch it this weekend. Who’s with me?

Sarah xx