My favourite Boots For Girls

photo: Louis Louise

I will never, ever tire of little girls in ankle boots. I think it’s that whole ‘Victoriana’ vibe I love. I have bought Tabitha at least one pair of Chelsea style ankle boots every winter since she was two. Buy them in a neutral colour (and yes, that includes my favourite leopard print, and indeed this pair are one of my favourite pairs of boots in this post – Tabitha was standing next to me when I first saw them and asked if she could have a pair, but sadly her feet are now too big…) and I promise you, they will look good with EVERYTHING (tights and dresses/playsuits/rompers/skirts of any description, jeans, trousers, leggings…). My favourites have always been from Pom D’Api (I have bought this exact style at least three times for Tabs, and I love the navy) and Boden (I prefer the less ‘jazzy’ designs), and I was very surprised to find this tan pair (which Tabitha has this winter and lives in) in their clearance section (with loads of sizes left) – they are fab. I’m tempted to buy her a larger pair for next year. We may already be thinking (dreaming!!) of Spring, but let’s be honest, we’ve got a fair few months of winter to go yet (in the UK anyway), so our little girls will be in their boots for some time to come…

Sarah xx