New In (At Next)…

After scoring these jeans (if you’re around the 5.5″ mark, go for the petit length for the perfect ankle skimmer – if not, just go regular or long and roll a scruffy), I decided to delve a little deeper into the ‘new in’ section (there’s something strangely satisfying about a score in Next – a bit more of challenge than ‘other’ high street stores where you can pretty much close your eyes, point a finger and score something great…). I discovered a fair few (rather random) bargains. These are my favourites. A few are clearly ‘buy now, stash for later’ buys (some fab swimwear for starters!).

Sarah xx

ps: this is the first of a new ‘New In’ series of posts I thought I’d do, to share my (new) favourites from the high street.