Pretty Hippie

You may not necessarily be familiar with Antik Batik? They have actually been around for years (I used to shoot a lot of their pieces when I worked at Marie Claire and Glamour – in fact, you know THE leopard print bag? That’s from Antik Batik), but have always been slightly under the radar. A little bit Vanessa Bruno, meets Issy, but a cheaper price point. The collections almost always have a bit of a pretty, hippie vibe. I’ve always been a fan, but must admit, haven’t bought anything from them for years now. But when I was researching for my Dreamy Dresses post the other day, I noticed that The Outnet had lots of great pieces from their Spring/Summer collection, at great prices. Enough in fact, to warrant their own post! Just gorgeous, easy summer pieces, that I think you’ll love. Perfect for holiday too. These are my favourites (I particularly like this blouse, as I really want a black version of all my whit/cream ones in my wardrobe)…

Sarah xx

ps: saw a couple of things I liked in store today. This very Louis Misha-esque top from M&S (so pretty), and this lightweight anorak from Next (Marlow has an almost identical one from last year – so useful). I also just bought these sunglass for Tabitha. Very cute indeed.

pps: I know that boots season is probably (hopefully!!) behind us, but a VERY stylish friend (possibly one of the most stylish people I know actually – if anyone should have a fashion blog, it’s her!), known as VG (we have been friends for YEARS, and she was Fashion Director at Glamour) was wearing these boots when I bumped into her a few weeks ago. I hadn’t stopped thinking about how great they looked. As is so often the case, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t buy them from this picture, but when I saw her wearing them (with a cropped, kick flare jean), I immediately wanted them!  They looked so cool! I saw her last night and asked her where they were from. I just thought I’d share the fact that they are now on sale at Matches. I also rather like a boot (I also love these, but more about them later) worn with jeans in the summer (very Lou Doillon), worn with a scruffy tee. Just saying.

ppps: love this pretty swimsuit.