Blue Collars

I am loving a blue shirt right now. To be honest, I never used to be a lover of shirts at all. I always loved them on other people (Des, I’m talking about you!), but whenever I tried one on/bought one myself I never felt quite right somehow. I think a lot of it had to do with having big boobs – I just felt a bit fat and frumpy. I have no idea specifically what it is that has changed (it’s not the boobs, that’s for sure), but I have re-discovered shirts, and am loving/buying them more and more. It started with that H&M striped one (as also loved by Alex from the fabulous The Frugality), which is one of my favourite high street purchases ever – I wear it ALL the time. But my current obsession is with blue shirts, particularly when worn with jeans (preferably a mid-blue, vintage wash). Pale blue is such a great colour (I am always, always drawn to shades of blue – for me, for the kids, for the home…) – flattering on pretty much all skin tones, and a great colour for ‘non colour embracers’ like me (good luck finding anything remotely bright or ‘bold’ in my over-stuffed wardrobe!!). So it could be striped (I love the Boden one, below), plain or even denim (not indigo though – stick to pale or mid tones), as long as it’s blue. Oh, and slightly oversized. That’s it. This is not a statement sleeves or ruffles moment (both of which I love, as you know) – this look is pared-down, simple and not trying too hard. Oh and you know what’s going to look fab with your new blue shirt?? This bag.
Happy Saturday!

Sarah xx

ps: and whilst we’re on the subject, how great is this kimono style jacket??  (it’s currently my ‘Sarah Loves’). I’ve also fallen back in love with my denim dungarees, and have been wearing them non-stop with a cool tee.

pps: who’s joining me at Iris in Chiswick next Saturday (6th May)? It’s going to be such a fun afternoon (from 2-5pm) – there’ll be special 20% discount of everything (that’s enough to get me there!!) in the store (trust me, you’ll want everything!), on-hand fashion/styling advice (that’ll be me!), and the lovely Lisa from Edit.58 will also be joining me, and selling a selection of her gorgeous rugs, embroidered hats and baskets, and the fabulous Atelier58 candles. There’s even going to be a children’s entertainer so you can shop in peace with your minis in tow (between 3-4pm). Come and say hi!