Acid Return

Jumpsuit | Topshop

Now if someone had said ‘acid wash denim jumpsuit’ out loud to me, even as recently as a week ago, I probably would have pulled a very unattractive face. And possibly also felt a little queasy. Urgh. Acid wash (or snow wash as they were sometimes referred to) jeans were worn by a certain type of boy (in too small a size) at my school in Paris when I was thirteen. And they were not good, even then.
But when I saw my (super-cool) friend, Kim wearing this very jumpsuit this very morning, I immediately said: “Is that the Marant one?”. Nope, Toppers. Whaaaat? My exact response: ” Shut. The. Front. Door.”. So eloquent. It looked SO good on her (and dare I say it, better than it does on the model in this pic…). Now I’m not saying you have to buy this exact jumpsuit right this second, but if you do happen to be in the market for a VERY cool Winter jumpsuit that will fool even the most discerning of fashion eyes into assuming it’s from Isabel Marant, then…

Sarah xx