Chunky Cardigans

I LOVE a chunky knit cardigan. If it’s a cable knit, even better! I’d even go as far as to say it’s a wardrobe essential. And you don’t need loads either – I literally have two, both of which are pretty old (one cream one from Toppers, which is actually ancient (vintage??) now, and a camel one from & Other Stories from a few years ago (this one is longer and more oversized). They’re a lot more versatile than you might think too. I wear my with anything from dresses (love the combination of a midi or maxi dress, boots and cardi…) to jeans to jumpsuits, or over pretty camisoles (and in the summer, sometimes with denim cut-offs, t-shirts and ballet pumps). When it’s REALLY cold (i.e.. now!!), I layer mine under a coat or jacket, then come Spring, I will wear mine instead of a jacket (sometimes belted – a simple tie belt). I just love the cosiness, but if you get the right cardigan, cosy can definitely be cool too. I would recommend something with texture (chunky rib, cable or even bobble knit), and sticking to a neutral colour (or a pretty pink works too), and definitely keep things slightly oversized (I love to see long sleeves peeking out from under the cuffs of a coat or jacket, which is also super-cosy).
These are my favourites around at the moment. Oh, and I feel I must share that the Issy ones (here and here) from mytheresa also have an extra 20% off the sale price at checkout… Just saying.

Sarah xx

ps: this one from Etsy is a pretty great option too.

pps: whilst we’re on the subject of cosy knits, I keep meaning to share how much I LOVE this cashmere roll neck. It’s SO soft, and really warm and cosy (but not too warm – I’m not good with those cashmere sweaters that make you feel like you’re having a hot flush anytime you’re not outside…). One of the most worn items in my wardrobe this winter for sure. It comes in navy too.

ppps: anyone else ordered these? Mine arrived the other day, and they exceeded expectations! They are a great shape and fit. A little long for me, so I’ll need to have them taken up to make them cropped (as they should be), but definitely a thumbs up!