Urban Outfitters Edit

Urban Outfitters is a funny one. My first thoughts are off buffalo trainers, cropped tops, baggy high waisted trousers and grungy (but not in the cool 90’s Kate Moss, Mario Sorenti way I still reminisce about…) fleecey bombers. Hmmm. It’s where my 17 year old niece loves to shop. And my 16 year old goddaughter. So what the hell am I even thinking talking about it?? Because I have found some truly fab things in there in the past – in fact on a fairly regular basis. And the fact that all of the first sentence is true, means that when they do throw up a true gem, it’s all the sweeter. And you’re not going to see everyone else wearing it either! Bingo.
How great is this Isabel knock-off frill wrap dress? And can we talk about this floral print jumpsuit? And this Anine Bing style-y chunky bracelet? And frankly, who wouldn’t want a (Carrie Bradshaw-esque) macrame knitting bag ? Yes please to all four!

Sarah xx