Christmas Gifts: For Her

So I know it’s only October, but I did ask whether you’d like the Christmas Gift Guides a little earlier this year, and the response was a resounding YES!!!! So here we go (and I have the sore eyes to prove it!!).
I know many of you have already started your shopping, but hopefully you will find some inspiration in these posts, to help make the whole process a little easier/smoother.  I don’t normally start my Christmas shopping until December as a rule, but let’s face it, this year is anything if ordinary. So this year I plan to start in November, as I am a little concerned about timings with online orders etc. We shall see.
So I thought I’d start with, well, us!! But not just us –  our friends, cousins, nieces etc etc. It’s a pretty broad edit, and with a pretty broad range of prices.  But I also know that my readers (you!!) are a pretty diverse crowd. So whilst some of you won’t think twice about blowing £500 on a pair of gorgeous crystal embellished ballerina flats (sigh…), others (most of us!) are more in the market for stylish and thoughtful gifts more around the £20.00 mark (and yes, there are plenty…). As I always say, horses for courses! One thing you can know for absolute certain, is that each and every one of these gifts ideas are all  100% LS approved, and have been carefully considered. And you don’t need me to remind you how picky I am do you?
Happy shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: make sure you  leave this post lying around if you want your other half to get some hints. Or better still, just forward it to their inbox!

pps: next up will be the ‘For Him Christmas Gift  Guide’. So stay tuned.  Then kids etc. to follow. And let’s not forget the advent calendars, wreaths,  decorations and stockings…