Kings Cross Christmas Gift Guides


Desert Chair | Ferm Living
Cosmos Candle Holder | Caravane
Striped Cushion | Ferm Living
Brass Mistletoe Wreath | Bloomingville 
Poets & Punks Print | Fanclub
Scented Candle In Linen Pouch | Caravane
Puck Coupe Glasses | Tom Dixon
Patchwork Quilt | A.P.C
Dusty Green Short Candles | Cissy Wears
Patchwork Cushion | A.P.C
Speckle Bowl | The Mill Ceramics
Malawi Chair | Botanical Boys
Tapered Candles | Wax Atelier
When Life Gives You Lemons Print | Hotel Magique
Dried Flower Wreath | Roseur
Iringa Striped Basket | Botanical Boys
Constellation Mobile | Caravane
Washed Velvet Cushion | Caravane
Ampersand Typography Print | Reign & Hail



Dot Print Scarf | Universal Works
VPC Sweatshirt | A.P.C
Realism No.49  Framed Print | Atelier CPH
Cotton Apron | Margaret Howell
Expresso Cups | Tom Dixon
Shortbread Selection Tin | Melrose & Morgan
Lambswool Gloves | Jo Cranston
Visions Of Architecture by Ricardo Bofil | Gestalten
Fresh Pappardelle & Homedsmade Braised Lamb Pasta Kit | Lina Stores
Post-Poo Drops | Aesop
Breakfast Plate | Ferm Living
Tank Low Ball Glasses | Tom Dixon
Cotton Dressing Gown | British Boxers
Surf Shacks by Matt Titone | Gestalten
Wadded Junction Hoodie | Folk
Set Of Candles | A.P.C
Transparent Speaker | Transparent Sound
Indigo Cloth Cushion | Botanical Boys
Moss Dome | Botanical Boys
Card Holder |  A.P.C
Pea Coat | Folk
Judd Glasses | Cubitts
Cotton & Cashmere Crewneck | Margaret Howell
Clever Pencils | Sloane Stationery
Melange Socks | Folk
Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion | Aesop


Hanane Nightgown | Campo Collection
Shearling Slippers | Tracey Neuls
Apetizer | Gestalton
Pair Of Scented Mini Cushions | Caravane
Intensive Body Balm | Aēsop
Knitted Beanie Hat |  ba&sh
Simone Socks | ba&sh
Andrea Gold Bracelet | A.P.C
Velvet Hair Bow | Paris Mode
Six Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm: With Illustrations By David Hockney | Cissy Wears
Olivia Earring | ba&sh
Apetizer | Gestalten
Studded Phone Holder With Strap | Bandolier
Kaolin Clay & Bamboo Powder Soap | Legra
Merino Cashmere Mittens | Margaret Howell
Waves X Bra | Beija
The De Nimes Candle | Boy Smells
The Hutton Sweater | Xirena
St Christopher Necklace | Katie Mullally
Boyfriend Fit Striped Pyjamas | Pretty You London
The Say It Coin Necklace | Paradigm
Sarah Bag | A.P.C
Webbed Belt | Xirena
Sleep Spray | Earl Of East


One Thousand Things | Cissy Wears
Woodie Car Toy | Candylab
Wool  Mix Teddy Baseball Cap | Cos
Mittens On A String | 1 + In The Family
XL Miffy Lamp | Cissy Wears
Organic Stacking Cups | Mushie
Small Dusty Green Rhino | Maileg
Grimm | Little Gestalten
A3 Animal Print Poster | Cos
Rose Print Trolley | Maileg
Knitted Bonnet | Hvid
Everybody’s Welcome | Cissy Wears
Cotton Pyjamas | Cos
Wooden Stacking Pyramid | Kids Concept
Medium Panda | Maileg
Lemon Pouch | Twiin
What Do Grown Ups Do All Day? | Little Gestalten
Teddy Mini Backpack | Studio Noos
Organic Temporary Tattoos | Nuukk
Set Of 12 Coloured Pencils | Monograph 
Fury Cat Print | Baldy & The Fidget
Show & Tell  Me The World | Little Gestalten

Being a Fashion Editor and Stylist for most of my adult life has left an unfortunate side effect – I don’t actually enjoy shopping that much! I know. But bear with me. Specifically, clothes shopping.  For myself. And to be super-specific, the actual trying on part of clothes shopping. Hence, many of my best finds (for myself and by extension, for LS, are often accidental, and things I have been luckily enough to stumble upon, or  more often, spotted on my way to/from somewhere else! That is talking just about shopping in real life, as opposed to online, which I enjoy, and am pretty good at! But, there is a shopping niche (well two to be precise) that I do actually LOVE (in real life and online), and that is shopping for gifts, and for things for my home. I could do both of those things all day, every day. That is, if I didn’t have to work to actually support said preferences!
So, when I was asked to compile gift guides for the wonderful Coal Drops Yard, a super-cool shopping destination in the heart of Kings Cross in Central London, I jumped at the chance! Coal Drops Yard hosts a unique mix of global and independent brands – fashion (women and mens), lifestyle, beauty and homeware stores, all in a unique canal-side setting. This is about as far away from a shopping mall/centre as you can get (and all the lovelier for it).  And although my guides are all linked to the various websites, I couldn’t wait to go to actual shops, and discover all these wonderful things that made it into this post, in real life. In real shops. With real people. And that is how I researched all the products I chose to include in my gift edits. And I loved it! I had so much fun working on them, and ticked off quite a few things from my own Christmas shopping list (including a couple from me, for me…). I’m hoping you’ll find it useful and inspiring too, particularly if you still have quite a bit to do, as it  could literally be a ‘one stop shop’, and a rather pleasant experience. And for anyone who is able to get down to Kings Cross, I honestly cannot recommend it more highly. Large and varied enough to cover all your Christmas shopping needs, but not so large that you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and in need of a lie down after a couple of hours. I love the mix/balance of small, independent boutiques (Wolf & Badger, Roseur, Botanical Boys, Earl of East, Cissy Wears…), and long-term favourites (ba@sh, A.P.C, Caravene, & Other Stories, Space N.K…). Started on 3rd December, many of the boutiques are taking part in the #unitedweshop initiative, aimed at getting Londoners to ‘shop physical’ again in the run-up to Christmas. It’s worth checking out, as there are some great discounts that are definitely worth knowing about before you hit the shops.
There are plenty of lovely places to eat and drink too – for all budgets and time allowances.  I can personally vouch for the sweetcorn fritters (with extra avocado salsa) at Bill Granger (SO good!!), and the fresh pappardelle and homemade braised lamb (BEYOND delicious!!) at Lina Stores, which you can also get as an eat at home kit (genius). It even made it into one of my Gift Guides!
Happy shopping (and eating)!

Sarah xx

ps: you can also check out their own Gift Guide here.

*This post is a paid partnership with Kings Cross and Coal Drops Yard. All words are my own, and all products are hand-picked by me.*