Coffee Table Books

I am always asked about the (many!!) books under my coffee table (and piled up on shelves, on the floor etc.) at home whenever I post a photo of our sitting room on Instagram. They are a greatly treasured collection of books that both Tom and I (although, mostly me) have collected between us over many years (before and after we met); and are a real mix of art, fashion, photography, travel, and some randoms… I will always try to buy the book whenever I visit an exhibition (of any kind), as I love to have a visual reminder of the visit/day, and it somehow feels more ‘justifiable’. Then there are books that I have bought, or been given as gifts. But the one thing they all have in common? I love them. And I love looking through them for inspiration. And whenever people come to our house, they always pick one up and start flicking. I love that!
Beautiful books always, always make the loveliest presents. It’s just something that I so rarely buy for myself – it’s just seems so indulgent somehow (which is ridiculous when I think about the cost of some of my shoes!!).
Anyway, these are some of my favourites…

Sarah xx