Christmas Hampers

There’s just something about a Christmas hamper that is so appealing (to give and receive) – I love the whole tradition of the Christmas hamper.  And of course I love the fact  that many of them do involve an actual basket…). I mean, when would you ever buy one for yourself? Literally never right? So to receive one just feels like the biggest treat. Now of course, they vary  massively (in content and price – anything from  £35.00 to £500.00 in this edit…), but that’s one of the things I love – there’s a hamper out there for everyone (there’s even a vegan hamper)!
For the sake of this edit, I have focused on the more traditional food and wine festive hampers. If there’s anyone on your Christmas list that you’re struggling with (or just someone who has everything, or simply deserves a bit of spoiling…), a gorgeous  hamper might just be the answer. Here are my favourites…

Sarah xx

ps: the Rolls Royce of hampers is undeniably one (any one!!) from Fortum & Mason.

pps: during my search,I came across this. Such a great idea to send to someone you aren’t able to see on their birthday. And there’s a chocolate version too. Happy Days.

ppps:  I’ve also included  a few ‘non’ and ‘semi’ edible hampers (below) that caught my eye…