Nessy’s Christmas Wish List

1.  Gift card | Rotaro
2. Jumper | I Love Mr Mittens
3. Serving dish | H&M Home
4. Socks | Kule
5. Water bottle | Evain X Virgil
6. House plant | Patch
7. Plant pot | H&M Home
8. Bracelet | Missoma
9. Kate by Mario Sorrenti | Mario Sorrenti
10. Bodyclock light alarm | Lumie
11. Boots | Grenson
12. Ceramic vase | Anissa Kermiche
13. On The Street | Bill Cunningham
14. T-shirt | The Worn Out Project

  1. As much as I  love vintage shopping, I also love following trends and will always pick a piece or two from current looks. As well as being expensive, I am also trying to be more mindful and responsible with  my shopping choices. So instead of purchasing I can now rent! “By renting instead of buying you are helping one less item being produced, saving the water,  reducing CO2 emissions, saving money, and looking great doing it!”
    I’m especially exited about the Cecile Bahnsen dress.2.  The cable knit sweater I would have forever (well, until I move to  Cali anyway…).

3. We recently had a new kitchen built and it’s all about having natural woods and stone in our new space. I love this serving dish. I like having a selection of slightly mismatched, but simple ceramic tableware.

4. Socks have to be one of my favourite parts of my outfits. For me, details matter, and I love a great pair of socks.

5. We need to stop using single-use plastic bottles, hence replacing them with these cool bottles!

6. There is so much choice when it comes to house plants, and I like having lots of different types in our living space.

7. I like having lots of greenery in our house – from hanging baskets to small and large plants in pots on the shelves and floor. Plants genuinely make me happy.

8. To me, getting a piece of jewellery as a gift is special. It’s not  something I would buy myself (unless it’s ‘fashion jewellery’), and it means something  as it makes you think of that  person every time you wear it. I think this chunky gold bracelet is timeless, and I would wear it with jeans and a tee or a little black dress.

9. This is such a beautiful coffee table book. I have, over the years, collected most of the Kate Moss photography books, and can’t  wait to see these (mostly unseen) photographs taken of KM by Mario Sorrenti.

10. I have wanted one of these for ages, but just feel it’s an extravagance to buy for myself. I really suffer from the lack of  light in the winter, and getting up in the dark  is a struggle. My dream it to one day live in California in a Seventies style bungalow with lots  of big windows, so  the Californian sun can shine in. Until then, this will have to do!

11. I adore these Grenson black ankle boots. I am a big trainers wearer, but feel these could replace (at least some of the time) them this cold season. I might also put the Grenson shearling insoles inside for extra warmth. I’d wear them with dresses and jeans.

12. Although known as a  fine jewellery designer, Anissa Kermiche recently branched out into interior objects and has been making these gorgeous playful vases and jugs.  I am an absolute fan!

13. I have been a fan of this man for many years.  He worked for The New York  Times for over 40 years, as a  street style photographer. He chronicled an era’s ever-changing social scene, photographing what people wore  stylishly,  flamboyantly, or just plain sensibly.