Party Tops

Personally I love a ‘nice top’ and jeans for a night out. It sounds so dull and uninspiring ‘on paper’, but in reality it’s a fail safe, not-trying-too-hard, unassuming, cool (I think), low-key option that never lets me down anyway. You can pretty much put anything with a pair of jeans and the result will somehow  just ‘work’. I will usually add a pair of heels to the look (more often than not, a high sandal with a rolled up/cropped jean), and depending on the occasion (and the state of my hair), a statement earring. For me, I always feel my most confident and most comfortable in this kind of look – I like to call it ‘low key glamour’ (aka ‘lazy girl’s glamour’). Now as you know, I LOVE a dress, but less for evening and more for day these days (or if for evening, more often with a flat than a heel), as I can often end up feeling too over-dressed in one for the evening. But that’s just me – obviously a mega dress is hard to beat for an event/situation that requires something ‘party appropriate’. But for today (and for the end of this particular decade), I’m placing all my chips  on the ‘party  top’.

Sarah xx