Tom’s Kids’ Book Edit

These are some new or newish finds (for old favourites please see this post.), some from my usual stomping grounds of schools and nurseries round about Shepherds Bush, others from our local favourite children’s bookshop, The Alligator’s Mouth in Richmond and the M Shed shop in Bristol.

Educational Psychologist and Daddy to Tabitha and Marlow

Picture Books
(for early years and infants)

My favourites here are probably ‘Beast Feast’ (a Slow Food take on ‘Not Now Bernard’, with a let’s-play-outside slant that warms the cockles of Forest School freaks like me), ‘Max The Brave’ (because our cats are overly brave…) and ‘The Red Tree’ (the illustrations).

Books For Older Children

My favourites are ‘All of Us’ (most comprehensive world history book for children I’ve yet to come across) and ‘Our Planet’ (refreshingly complimentary use of photographs and illustrations).

What The Twins Say

I do still love reading to Marlow and Tabitha. We’re at the edge of the dragon’s lair in ‘The Hobbit’ (which my dad read to me and my sister when I was their age). Next up is ‘Follow My Black Plume’ (which my mum read).
But they’re mostly reading to themselves these days, so we asked them for their recent favourites.

Tabitha’s List

Marlow’s List