Knit Parade

This is a post that I had pretty much finished (well the edit anyway) before Christmas, but I simply didn’t have another post in me… I was done. Burnt out. And I’m pretty sure you’d had more than enough posts by then anyway! The lead-up to Christmas (actually my favourite part) can sometimes be overwhelming, and I think (in hindsight) I was guilty of ‘over-scheduling’ ‘fun’ things to do with the kids (I blame Instagram!! Haha!). Yes they were fun, but they were also exhausting, one after the after. I can be guilty of being a bit of a Chevy Chase “isn’t this fun kids!!” sometimes. And for the most part ‘it’ is fun, but this year really made me realise that sometimes you need to take a breath, and remember to actually enjoy  it and let your kids enjoy it, rather than #makingmemories, aka, enforced fun. You certainly don’t need to go ice skating at Somerset House, to a musical (that you had to re-mortgage to pay for), two pantomimes (oh yes we did!!) and Christmas at Kew to get all the Christmas feels. Don’t get me wrong, all these things are lovely, but when did it become the norm to  do them all? Every year?
Anyway, forgive me for going off on a rather steep tangent. I was only here to talk about the humble knit, and how I live in jumpers/cardigans and jeans all Winter long  (pimped ups with various  different shapes and accessories), so I thought they would be worthy of a post in their own right. As I said, I compiled this edit before Christmas, so I think you might find a few sale bargains in amongst them. Bonus!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones, and are currently enjoying this funny old time (which I always used to dread and hate, but now I love…) between Christmas and the New Year. I wasn’t actually planning on posting much during this time (I have done an unofficial New Year’s Eve party dressing post of sorts, which I will publish soon…), but it seems that many of you want a sales edit, so I will start working on that tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Anyway, sending you all lot of love. Thank you for all your support, and love and loyalty. It always sounds so  clichéd to say, but it really does mean so much.

Sarah xx

ps: remember this one? Still so good!!

pps: I am actually eating the most delicious turkey sandwich as I type this! Fact.