Leopard Lovers

Faux fur coat | Anthropologie

I can’t actually take the credit for this amazing find (thank you lovely Amanda!!), but I can certainly appreciate it enough to give it it’s own post.
This is for everyone who covets my much-loved Mango leopard print coat that I have now had for more years than I can remember, and wear year in, year out. I know many of you have it too (including Amanda, who bought hers after first seeing it on Little Spree. Natch.).
Leopard print coats come and go each Winter, but so few match up to the greatness of the original Mango one. Until now.

Sarah xx

ps: I will also be pinching this styling tip of double-denim-ing (shirt and jeans) under my leopard print. Love it. I may even be adding in a diamanté drop earing. Stay tuned!

pps: I also love this.