Back To Basics

Simple shirts or t-shirts with jeans. That’s what I’m feeling right now. Yes, I will always love a frill and a ruffle, but more and more my default setting is something simple and pared down. I’m currently loving an oversized, men’s style cotton shirt with a slim/straight leg jean and boots. With t-shirts too, I always size up (and either tuck or half-tuck). This Gap one is really great (I have it, in an XL) . Colour-wise it’s probably no surprise to learn that I stick to white, grey, khaki, and various shaded of blue. I do love black (faded) and grey denim too (as well as the perfect mid-blue too of course). Make sure you check out the Topshop ‘Editor’ jeans. I haven’t tried them yet!), but I hear they’re great, and come in a few different colours. Actually, I have just seen these, which are not not my normal style at all, but I LOVE them. Let’s see how they look on?
I’m also not adverse to the occasional ‘double denim’ action. My tip would be to mix your denim tones. Otherwise you might as well just wear a denim jumpsuit right?
Oh, and last but not least, jewellery. I like to mix my denim with layered gold pieces – pendants, bangles, cuffs… The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

Sarah xx

ps: if you like Kate’s bag, this one is pretty similar…