A Little Bit Of Gap

I haven’t talked about Gap in a while now. Mostly because it’s not been so much on my radar to be honest.  I haven’t been online or in store, so haven’t been looking at what they’re doing. But I went to the store yesterday to buy some bits and pieces for Tabitha for an upcoming school field trip (unsurprisingly her wardrobe was noticeably lacking in jeans and hoodies!!); and I also ordered a pair a joggers (I desperately wanted something comfy to wear at home, that was still acceptable to seen in pubic at a push). These are perfect. I’ve been wearing them with my Anine Bing  ‘lookalike’ sweatshirt.  And for the record, most things look acceptable in public if you chuck a decent coat of the top – even leggings!
So when I was looking  for the joggers, I had a little snoop around the site, and there were some great, cool basics that I felt  were worthy of a share. So these are them (below). I already have this denim shirt and wear it all the time (mostly with my Topshop Editor bleach wash jeans); and if  I was in the market for  a new pair of jeans (I’m not), these  are the ones I would be buying (which are actually very similar to the Topshop ones), as recommended and worn by lovely Alex at The Frugality (and she knows her jeans!).
Oh and  I almost forgot – the reason I’m sharing this post today is because Gap has one of their ‘40% off every single thing’ discounts. I know they have  these fairly often (although not 40% that often…), but if, like me with the joggers, there’s something you do actually need, or have been considering, then now’s the time to ‘add to basket’ and ‘proceed to checkout’.

Sarah xx

ps:  I bought these jeans for Tabitha and they’re really great. I sized down to an age eight (she’s almost ten), and the fir is spot-on. She loves them. I also bought a really cool cream Sherpa sweatshirt, but annoyingly it doesn’t seem  to be online. But worth looking for in store (where the discount also applies if you show them the email).

pps: love this boy’s jacket.

ppps:  and how could I forget my most worn jacket ever??