Des’s Christmas Wish List

1. Wall light | Amara
2. Book | Calvin Klein
3. Bath and body oil | Le Labo
4. Trainers | Maison Margiela
5. Earing | Catbird
6. Shirt | Loewe
7. Wallet | A.P.C
8.  Book | Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
9. Lioness: Hidden Treasure | Amy Winehouse
10. Hair clip | & Other Stories
11. Camera | Leica

I usually convince myself that there is nothing I really want or need for Christmas and never actually make a list, so I have taken this opportunity of putting a wish list together and really run with it!   It’s a no holds barred edit of really nice things, including this book by one of my favourite photographers, to this amazing Jessica Ogden for A.P.C quilt, and everything in between. All of which I would purchase now if a) I had the means to and b) Doing so would not trigger a guilt ridden anxiety attack of epic proportions (runs to the wardrobe, hides purchases in the ‘I’ve had these for ages’ corner). This by no means means everything is expensive or a pipe dream (well there are a few in there) but cumulatively, it all has the makings of a VERY merry Christmas!!

  1. Because they (I need two, one for either side of the bed) will be the piece de resistance in our newly refurbished bedroom when it’s finally complete.

2. Because there is a vacant spot on my coffee table for this book of era-defining fashion images.

3. Because I wear the perfume and now that the bath and body has recently been intruded to the range, it’s the perfect excuse to layer on my favourite smell.

4.  Because these always sell out and I’ve managed to find them.

5. Because it’s a subtle way to wear your initials, or those of a loved one. I’m hoping for an M for Missy.

6. Because my wardrobe wants, needs and requires some Loewe bought for me by someone else!

7. Because I’m a fussy one when it comes to wallets. I like them plain, black, not too big, not too small, cheap or expensive. This one ticks all the right boxes.

8. Because I’m raising a daughter and welcome any practical advice out there on what it means to be a feminist today.

9. Because Amy’s raw, soulful voice belonged to a by-gone era and was made to be listened to on vinyl.

10. Because sometimes a black elasticated hairband just won’t do.

11. Because I miss taking photos with an actual camera.

Des xx