Sarah & Nicky’s Christmas Wish Lists – what we really want…

1. Perry Ellis 360 Degrees, from £27.00
2. Marte Frisnes Tassel Cuff, £137.00
3. Cecil Beaton At Home: An Interior Life, £39.99 (was £50.00)
4. Marte Frisnes Gold Name Bracelet, £162.00
5. Alaia Studded Sandals, £750.00
6. Diptique Jasmin Scented Candle, £37.80
7. Jigsaw Sheepskin Slippers, £69.00
7. Marte Frisnes Gold ‘To The Moon And Back’ Bangle, £150.00

This is my actual Christmas list. A mix of ‘maybes’ and ‘yeah, keep dreamings’ (ahem, Alaïa sandals anyone?) items, but all things that I would love to see under the tree this year. I am currently working on my ‘stack’ of bracelets, which is mostly made up of Marte Frisnes  pieces (a current favourite – I just can’t get enough of her gorgeous pieces, particularly the bracelets, and they all work just as well together in a ‘stack’ as on their own). So any of these three would very happily sit alongside my current ones. I cannot wait to get my paws on this Cecil Beaton book, and Diptique candles (I never, ever tire of getting one as a gift), and sheepskin slippers need no explanation. Then  this (deeply un-cool and getting harder and harder to get as it’s been discontinued) perfume smells like a mix of baby powder and freshly showered skin, and I’m running low. I’ve worn it on and off since I was eighteen. Last year, lovely Russell (Nicky’s husband) emailed this post to Tom (without me knowing), so here’s hoping…

Sarah xx


  1. UNICEF Gift Of Hats And Gloves To Keep Syrian Children Warm , £12.00
  2. Diptique Set Of Three Mini Candles, £60.00
  3. Can Luu Gold Plated Earrings, £70.00
  4. Numero 74 Bag, £9.46
  5. Valentino Embellished Sandals, £595.00
  6. Laura Mercier Vanilla Soufflé Body Crème, £45.00
  7. LSA International Mini Vases, £30.00
  8. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, £6.99

‘Vanilla Soufflé’. Although it sounds like a delicious dessert, it is in fact a delicious body cream. I bought the matching body scrub a few months ago and can tell you it smells just as gorgeous as it sounds. In fact most of the gifts in my list are ‘sense’ related in some way: soothing candles (this trio just happen to be my favourite Diptique fragrances), oh-so-soft ‘Stardust’ pink sandals, cool spike earrings, and for inspiration: Mary Angelou’s seven volumes of her autobiography. Her beautifully written story of despair, resilience and hope begins with ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’. Having read the first three volumes, I can’t wait to read the rest, not least to learn more about how to stand again after we fall. Which brings me to the most important wish on my list: doing what you can to keep children safe and warm.

Nicky x