Mother’s Day Part II: Gift Ideas

Maman bracelet | Atelier Paulin

So it’s just a week to go before Mother’s Day. For this post, part ll, I have just gathered together some (well, quite a few actually!!) things that I love (I know, some do come with pretty hefty price tags, but I do love a Wish List to be just that (aka wishful thinking). Tom never looks at Little Spree, so I’m wasting my time there, but perhaps the dads in your lives might be more suggestible? Worth a try right? Alternatively, mamas with older kids – get them to pass on your faves to daddy…
Anyway, I would be delighted to receive any of these (yes, even hand soap – not just any old hand soup though thank you).
Now obviously, some of the things in my ‘Wishful Thinking List’ will cross over for the mamas in our lives, but I’ve also gathered together some of my favourites with them in mind, including some really sweet personalised gifts. I’ve kept things quite simple for this edit. But as I’ve said before, if in doubt, always, always go for a beautiful bunch of flowers. However small, however simple (and if in doubt, always go for one type of flower and colour per lunch) they will always be happily received. Check out my favourite bunches (that can all be ordered from the comfort of your sofa) here.

Sarah xx

My Mother’s Day Wish List

For The Mamas In Our Lives…

ps: I LOVE this Maman bracelet (above). I have to say, it’s at the very top of my (‘Wishful Thinking’) list!

pps: Merci Maman kindly asked me to choose a piece of jewellery from their new collection, with Mother’s Day in mind, which I could have personalised if I wanted. I chose this bracelet (you know how I love to layer my gold bracelets…), and asked Tabarlow what they would like the message inside the band to be. It arrived on Monday, and I have to say, I absolutely love it. And I love that the personal message is only only for me, and not on show. Plus it’s a lovely, more affordable alternative to the above.

ppps: so many of you ask about my phone case. It’s leather and it’s this one (but with white lettering). I love it. Plus it’s pretty robust, as I’m always dropping it, and so far no breakages… It also got me thinking that it would make a great Mother’s Day gift too.